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Anticondensation felt for metal roofs

Important issues in metal roof construction:
     • Ventilation
     • Moisture management which is expressed in absorption
       and/or in drainage capacity.

When building with roof panels ventilated but insulated, thermal shock can mean moisture condenses. When the condensation is very high, water can fall and may damage stored produce.
The humidity issues can be solved with our anticondensation nonwoven felt.
This very thin insulation (from 90 gr/m² to 140 gr/m²) will avoid the risk of dripping.
This nonwoven felt will be applied to the steel sheet on the inner side.
B-S1-D0 inflammability (on the metal)

     • Materials: polyester, hydrophobic polyester
     • Weight: from 70 g/m2 up to 250 g/m2
     • Construction: needle punched, calendered
     • Thickness: from 0.5 mm to up to 20 mm
       & through-air bonded