Why captiqs® products?



As we are convinced that a product that is less harmful creates more value for our customers, the captiqs brand focuses on reducing the environmental impact of both its processes and products.

We realize that the sustainability journey has only begun, however we are proud of the results that we have already accomplished.

Non-woven processes
     • Energy
          • Renewable energy:
            in Balta Oudenaarde we have an annual production of 1.716 MWh solar energy
            per year, representing about 12,7% of our energy consumption.
          • Audit convenant:
            balta oudenaarde participates since 2007 at the audit convenant, a screening
            system for energy consumption; the implementations of the recommendations
            resulted in a decrease of energy consumption of 4% in the period between 2007
            and 2014.
     • Air emissions
       our latex line stentor is the only source of air emissions; as a result most of the air
       emissions consist of water 
     • Water intake
       the latex process is the only process that uses fresh water; to limit its water intake
       we use the cleaning water 
of the latex process to make new latex foam.
     • Water emissions
       Only 10% of our process wastewater ends up in a water treatment plant, since
       90% of our
 wastewater is used to make new latex foam.
     • Solid waste
          • Postindustrial latex-free waste: 100% recycled
            (15% internal and 85% external material recycling).
          • Postindustrial latex-bonded waste: 100% external recycling
             (conversion into energy).

          • Packaging waste : 100% material recycling.

     • % recycled content:
       our products have on average 30% post industrial
       waste content.
     • All our raw materials & process aids are
       100% reach compliant.

Closed loop programs
We are proud to announce that in 2015 the first closed loop programs will be launched with post industrial waste of 2 partner customers