Why captiqs® products?


What makes customers chose Captiqs® products?
What makes Captiqs® products unique? 
Are Captiqs® products made by one of a kind technologies?
Are Captiqs®  products made of special raw materials?

it’s far less sophisticated than that : it is the team behind the Captiqs® brand that makes the Captiqs® products unique.

The Captiqs® products are created by about 100 proud ambassadors - representing 1500+ years of textile experience  - with 110% (*) motivation and the following 6 core values.


     • No-nonsense
       Hands-on, task oriented, simple.

     • Respect and reward
       Respect for the environment and the individual
       A pat on the shoulder, an encouraging word, constructive feedback.

     • Integrity
       No politics, openness, no nepotism.

     • Always aim higher
       Best in class, ambitious, trying harder every day
       Difficulties are seen as an opportunity to improve.

     • Leading by example
       Managers do more, “changes start with me”.

     • Keeping our promises
       A commitment is a commitment
       We say what we do and do what we say.

(*) 110% can be achieved if the human energy is daily renewed and boosted whenever possible whatever it takes.